Side Effects

Though it has many benefits tagged to it, it has some side effects too. People should be very aware of the side effects before they come forth to take it. It causes a headache and sometimes digestion issues may occur. It also generates the nauseating sensation for some people and we are not supposed to have this herb when we already have some medicine allergy. Safety is the main thing for every one of us and it is not advisable to take this herb by the mouth as it is totally unsafe. We can take it either in the form of powder or pills.


The breastfeeding women and pregnant women can try to avoid taking this herb though it is safer for them. Because pregnancy and breastfeeding periods are really very crucial for every woman.

It is better to avoid the intake of Garcinia cambogia by the those who have liver problems because this is not at all good for the liver and it will even stop the overall functioning of the liver.


Dosage is really important while taking medicines especially ayurvedic medicinal the ribs. The dosage will vary based on the age and the disease e. So, better try to take as per the suggestions given by the doctors.